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A strong community is a requirement for the deep sustainability that we aspire to create. We want as many people as possible to get a connection to our garden and to the soil. By improving the world through delicious food we can unite as humans and leave whatever indifference we might have behind us. Together we can make amazing change happen. Check out how below...


We are always interested in talent! So if if you are interested in real sustainability, in holistic thinking, change-making, friendly activism, politics, gardening, the future, democracy, discussion, community building, or friendship? If you are interested in any or in all of those, we have a project that can suffice your desires for change! Together we're growing a permaculture garden and a community. But more importantly, we are nurturing ourselves to grow as people and professional changemakers. The world needs leaders with holistic mindsets. Interested? Great! Send an email and let us know!


Arrheniusplan at Ultuna campus is not only a place for us where we can showcase the power of holistic thinking and permaculture among other ambitions. it is also a place where we can meet people, chat about the world and learn from each other. If you don't have the time to be a board member then maybe you want to become an ambassador. as an ambassador, you get to help out in establishing and maintaining the garden, a great learning process. You will also have some exclusive offers once we start harvesting. Most important though is that you get to meet new people who are passionate about the creation of a more permanent culture. Please contact us and join the movement!


A tour of the garden

Do you have space? Do you have a desire to make that place beautiful, sustainable and highly productive? Then maybe you want a tour and be inspired by the diversity, the birdlife or by the carbon positive process behind it? If you are then we would love to show you, let you taste experience and learn on-site! Just send us an email and we will custom the tour to you and your desires. Everyone is welcome, from private persons to corporations and on to counties and municipalities. All welcome!


One of our goals is to inspire all to grow their own garden! Imagine the beautiful landscape of diverse gardens all over the city and country, filled with flowers and great food. Here is a way for you to start! If you are not inspired to dig into the world of gardening just yet, then a visit to our garden will surely make that happen! But for now, check out how you can begin and feel free to ask us for tips!

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