Collected Ideas & Thoughts

Gardening empowers you! Not only with knowledge about plants and soil but with the ability to think freely, philosophy and gardening are great friends! In our garden ideas and thoughts grow like apples and kale. Some are transformative and those we try and share with the world through articles. Below you can find articles we have written so far. Enjoy!


Ultuna Permakultur: challenging the status quo of urban development

SLU gave us the opportunity to share what we have done after a year and a half. The result along with thoughts and visions on the futures of cities can be found in the link below.

Den regenerativa staden och den regenerativa invånaren

This article is in Swedish and deals with the ethical conundrums that inevitably follow an urban lifestyle. Furthermore it dives deep into how we can change urban planning and essential things to consider when designing for food in urban landscapes.


Medborgarmat åt alla – självklart när vi ser på näring som rättighet

This article caught a lot of attention. It explores ideas of how to make the food industry more local and less destructive. The idea is taken from universal basic income but translated into nutrition. Salient as our effort was, fitting an intricate idea into a few words is challenging. There is a lot more to be said about the idea of citizen food!

Utöka produktionen av mat i Uppsala

This article was written early on as a way of harnessing attention across Uppsala for our project. It makes the case that urban areas need to improve their self-sufficiency and elaborates briefly on how that can happen.