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We Are Ultuna Permakultur!

The reason we at Ultuna Permakultur exist is found in the realm of politics. But it is not manifested in that realm, rather it is manifested in the natural world. In the forests that have turned silent as birds disappear, in the oceans where pollution is as common as fish and in the cities where nutritious food is scarce and a privilege for the few. The collapse of our environment forces us to act. For Ultuna Permakultur that does not mean short-sighted and narrow-minded solutions. We believe that the holistic mindset is a requirement to save and regenerate our beautiful planet and all of its lovely ecosystems. While the garden does not hold an all-conquering solution, many gardens like ours could together localize food production while boosting biodiversity and sequestering carbon. The fact that we build soil while doing this is another proof of the many benefits that gardens like ours have. But our purpose does not stop at one garden, we wish to spread our concept across Sweden and beyond, starting with greening our major cities and providing its citizens with yummy and nutritious food by creating resilient ecosystems to allow mother earth and her inhabitants to recover. Join our vision an help build this necessary movement!

About us: Välkommen

Wanna Join The Movement?

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Join the board!

We are always interested in talent! So if you are interested in real sustainability, in holistic thinking, change-making, friendly activism, politics, gardening, the future, democracy, discussion, community building, or friendship? If you are interested in any or in all of those, we have a project that can suffice your desires for change! Together we're growing a permaculture garden and a community. But more importantly, we are nurturing ourselves to grow as people and professional changemakers. The world needs leaders with holistic mindsets. Interested? Great! Send an email and let us know!

Become an ambassador

Arrheniusplan at Ultuna campus is not only a place for us where we can showcase the power of holistic thinking and permaculture among other ambitions. it is also a place where we can meet people, chat about the world and learn from each other. if you don't have the time to be a board member then maybe you want to become an ambassador. as an ambassador you get to help out in establishing and maintaining the garde, a great learning process. You will also have som exclusive offers once we start harvesting. Most important though is that you get to meet new people who are passionate about the creation of a more permanent culture. Please contact us and join the movement!

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